A wet day and all its luxuries

An etching of Caroline Fox, 1883

Caroline Fox was an English diarist born in 1819 in Cornwall, England, into a prominent Quaker family—her father, Robert Were Fox, was a scientist and respected member of the community. Fox was sixteen when she began keeping the diary for which she is now known, posthumously published with the title Memories of Old Friends. Its entries are especially valued for their insights into the scientific and literary circles of her day, featuring her interactions with notable figures such as John Stuart Mill, Thomas Carlyle, and the scientist Michael Faraday. But for me it’s this pair of succinct entries, written in October 1848, that stand out.

The Diary Entrys

October 23.—A wet day and all its luxuries.

October 24.—A fine day and all its liabilities.

Further Reading

Caroline Fox’s diaries were published posthumously under the title Memories of Old Friends, edited by Horace N. Pym. Long out of print and copyright, they can now be read online.


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