To Day is the most Best day ever in my Life

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On 25th August 1989, Canadian geneticist Lap-Chee Tsui and his stellar team at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children made a groundbreaking announcement: they had pinpointed the gene behind cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that can lead to serious breathing problems and chronic infections. This monumental finding represented more than just a significant leap in medical science; it ignited hope for countless individuals grappling with the affliction. Among those heartened by the news was Jennifer McGlincy, an eight-year-old girl living with the disease. In her diary that day, the excitement was clear.

The Diary Entry

To Day is the most Best day ever in my Life

They found a Jean for Cistikfibrosis

Further Reading

Jennifer’s letter has featured in a few places over the years, most recently in the Washington Post in 2019 (along with a recent photo of Jennifer and her daughter), prompted by news of a new medicine that can treat the disease in some people.


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    Nguyen Cong Kien

    You can actually feel the emotion in the handwriting

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